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Clare can custom design a wine, sake or whisky focused event that will meet your event objectives, create excitement, increase involvement, generate positive word-of-mouth and promote memorable brand association. These events are ideal for corporate client entertaining and networking, team rewards & bonding, and can even be a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your family. Some options are outlined below however the scope is almost endless. Contact Clare to discuss your next event

Networking & Stand-Up Events

Ideal for larger groups – especially in a networking context, stand up formats provide the ultimate flexibility in delivery while still allowing ample opportunity for the organisation to achieve it’s objectives. Clare will customize a theme to suit, select the wines, organise the catering and host the event. Clare will treat your guests to an introduction to wine appreciation after receiving sparkling on arrival. Each wine is poured in sequence, with Clare introducing the wine; its history, origin and character – in addition to some ideas to match it with canapés or cheese. After a short presentation for each wine, the guests are left to mingle, taste and discuss the wines, try them with cheese and continue their own conversations. There is ample space to integrate speeches, games or team building as this format is inherently casual and flexible – resulting in maximum involvement while generating positive word of mouth. Each guest receives a customised booklet (featuring integrated branding) with details on the wines, the cheese and plenty of inspiration to continue on with.

”Dear Clare. Thanks again for hosting our event last week. It was terrific. You are the consumate host & MC – inclusive, insightful and so knowledgable. Richard is calling you the ‘wine oracle’ from now on. We’re looking forward to the next one!”

Peter Westbourne – Corporate Client

Private Dinners & Sit Down Events

Imagine your own private dinner party, hosted by a renowned wine educator! Choose a private dining room (or set your dining table!) and treat your friends, family or clients to a dinner matched to gorgeous wines. Clare will advise on the venue, customise a theme to suit, select the wines, organise the menu and host the event. Clare will treat your guests to an introduction to wine appreciation after receiving sparkling on arrival. Each bracket is poured in pairs with Clare introducing the wines; their history, origin and character. The benefit of pouring in pairs is the element of comparison – which always leads to lots of light-bulb moments and a truly memorable experience! Sit down events allow time for some real insights into food and wine matching and a wonderful way to wine and dine those important to you.

Hens & Bucks

Yes we’re featured on Urbanlist and yes we can help you with your hens or bucks celebrations! Ideal for groups from 10 – 25 people, The Humble Tumbler can organise and host events which feature wine, gin, sake & whisky – or a considered combination of all of them!

We can source a venue for you, organise the cheese (or catering) and develop a tasting to inspire, engage and most importantly – give everyone a chance to have loads of fun in the name of ‘education’.

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We can help you find the perfect venue! Once the scope & budget is set we will work with you to explore the venue options. From private dining rooms, galleries, cafes, warehouses, retail spaces or even your own residence, we can source something that fits the vision of the event.

Or just some thematic inspiration…

Australia V Italy
The gloves are off! Italy has about eight centuries worth of winemaking history on the locals but who will come out top? Compare and contrast old & new world wines made from the same grape variety in this comparative – and sometimes controversial masterclass.

Wine Appreciation 101
Fuzzy on the fundamentals? Get back to basics in this condensed version of The Humble Tumbler four week course. Explore grape varieties, wine growing regions, winemaking and wine style – by tasting and talking about some of Australia’s premium wines.

A Virtual Tour Through Champagne
Champagne? Oui, oui s’il vous plait. Spend an afternoon tasting and learning about Champagne in all its glory! This masterclass guides you
through a tutored tasting of some of the Champagne’s finest. Discover how Champagne is made, explore the different styles, learn how to
describe the wines & how to purchase confidently.*Extra charges may apply due to the high cost of Champagne

Exploring Alternative Varieties
Still finding it tricky to distinguish your Vermentino from your Verduzzo from your Viognier? This masterclass focuses on the newer grape varieties to our shores – exploring an eclectic range of both reds, whites and sparkling. Learn about the origin, style, taste and regions for
each of these varieties.

Red Wines of the World
Would you like a steak with that? From elegant cool climate Pinot Noir to powerhouse Cabernet Sauvignon, this masterclass guides you through a tutored tasting of Australian and international red wines. Learn about red wine grape varieties and their traditional regions, discover the red wine making process, learn how to describe flavours and styles and explore the diversity of red wine around the globe.

Wine and Food: The Essentials
Spend an afternoon exploring the fundamentals of wine and food matching. How? By eating and drinking of course! This masterclass
delves into the fascinating world of food and wine matching– looking at key elements such as weight, style, heat, acidity, sweetness &
saltiness. Taste a range of premium wines together with a thoughtful selection of delicious edibles.**Catering is quoted separately

White Wines of the World
Did someone say Chablis? Yes Please! Explore the wonderful diversity of white wines from around the globe in this white wine masterclass. Learn about white wine grape varieties and their traditional regions, discover the white wine making process, learn how to describe the flavours and styles and how to buy the right wine for the every occasion.

Le Tour De France
Not just a bicycle race! Get your sailor stripes and red Beret on for this masterclass on all things French and vinous. Enjoy a virtual wine
tour through the main wine regions in France. Start with Champagne, wander down to Chablis, stroll through Burgundy, get lost in the
Rhone; sunburnt in Provence and muddy in Bordeaux