Five Things You Can Do This Week to Improve Your Cellar Door


We know it’s long, but we think adding these five things to it will improve your cellar door…give it a shot and let us know what you think.

1. Clean Up : Top to bottom. Front gate to tasting bench. Is your signage visible, are your rubbish bins hidden, is the lawn mown, bathrooms sparkling and the interoir of the building clutter free? In tourism they call these things ‘hygiene factors’ and as busy as you are, you cannot ignore them. Perceived cleanliness plays a huge part in how your business is remembered & talked about so it needs to be taken seriously. Make sure you have a procedure check list, that all staff are trained in how to clean, and that high standards are expected and maintained. If you’re unsure, invite someone outside the business to walk through with you and point out what they notice.

2. Get the winemaker to conduct a staff tasting : Part of what staff need to confidently talk about the wine range is information about how they are made, what makes them unique and words which might be used to describe the flavours & characters. Make sure each wine has a ‘tech sheet’ for referencing and create a schedule for the tastings to happen regularly.

3. Visit a neighbouring cellar door : For some people, visiting other cellar doors when you work in one isn’t generally a priority. Putting on your wine tourist hat though can not only foster great relationships with your neighbouring businesses (which increase word-of-mouth recommendations both ways), but it can help bring back some perspective. For example, take note of how quickly you become a ‘critic’, and what things stand out to you. If that same ‘critic’ was in your cellar door what do you think they would notice?

4. Clarify your brand message : What are the three things that every customer should hear while they are tasting your wines? Work them out, write them down and create ways for you and your staff to communicate them to visitors.

5. Audit your website/Google/search engine listings : You might know your opening hours, menu & wine list but does the internet?  Make sure you own your Google Places page and that it is up to date with your opening hours and what your offer. Same goes for your website