The Book


Max Allen Reviews Tipsy:

”It’s a refreshingly accessible guide to booze appreciation — not just wine (although this does make up the bulk of the book), but also beer, sake, aperitifs and digestifs and spirits — written in a down-to-earth, conversational tone, complete with plenty of helpful infographics and cartoony diagrams. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s just starting out on their journey into the wonders of alcoholic beverages, Tipsy would be perfect”.

**Winner** of the 2016 Wine Communicators of Australia ‘Wine Book of the Year’ Award!

TIPSY is the ultimate guide to understanding, buying and drinking your favourite drinks. It covers wine, whisky, beer, cider, sake, vermouth, aperitif, digestif, tequila, rum AND gin. In these heady days of boutique gin bars and micro-breweries, forty-page wine lists and bespoke whisky decanters, more and more of us are discovering a love for good booze. But while it’s a fun world, the sheer range of choices out there can get overwhelming. Don’t worry; Tipsy is here to help. This is a book for anyone who’d like to know what they’re drinking without wading through the details. It’ll help you pick the right wine for dinner, explain the difference between pale ale and pilsner, and maybe even inspire a new passion for whisky, gin or sake. Written by Melbourne booze-expert Clare Burder, (and edited by the Humble Tumbler A-Team of Fred Siggins, Caroline Childerley and James Smith) Tipsy is a fun and accessible illustrated guide to help you know your way around a bottle shop, cocktail bar, fancy wine list or craft brewery.